Trends and Issues in Global Education

One of the most important changes that has happened to the educational system during the last 50 years is a dramatic increase in a number of educational institutions, especially schools, in poor countries. The main reason for this change is a great work done by various funds and volunteers. People understand that education is the key element of economic growth that helps fight poverty. That is why they established schools in the poorest regions of the world. Children from these regions not only became able to gain reading and writing skills, but also get a chance to improve their lives.

Unfortunately, not all of them believe that education is necessary. Such factors as economic stagnation and lack if opportunities to continue studying or even use already acquired knowledge for getting income may discourage children. Plus, it is almost mandatory for most of them to help their parents in different jobs in order to earn some small money to support their families. So, even if they have a desire to study, they often do not have time.

Another big change that has happened to education is closely related to new technologies that made a revolution in the learning process. The Interned created totally new opportunities for students from all over the world. It has enabled them to access the biggest sources of information easily like online libraries and courses. Nowadays, if a student needs any kind of book or article, the first thing he or she does is searching it on the Internet. In case it is not available for free, it can be easily bought in online bookstores with a few mouse clicks.

One more option that the Internet provides learner with is the ability to check his or her proficiency in any subject by taking online tests. Furthermore, after the result is ready, students can see the programs they should take part in to improve their skills.

Another important feature of the Internet is the power to connect people. It unites friends, families, students, educators and so on. It became the basis for a new type of studying – online education. This is a very popular trend, because it has many benefits that any standard school can provide. For example, you can “attend” classes whenever you have free time. This is especially convenient for those students who work. Online studying gives you the opportunity to learn at any place in the world. And the best part is that you can take courses in the most famous universities on the planet: Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and so on.

The only problem of using the Internet as a learning base is that it cannot provide sufficient protection of authors’ rights. A lot of content is illegally submitted to websites, and although users benefit from the ability to get it for free, creators, on the contrary, lose their money.