Present-day Burning Issues in Higher Education

There have always been some challenges in higher education, some of which were successfully solved, but some still keep giving pain to students and educators. Unfortunately, the issues mentioned below will remain burning ones in the coming year.

Sky-high tuition and fees remain an urgent problem for the majority of students, who are mainly enrolled in public educational establishments, which have undergone recent notable costs increase. Despite a far-from-being-good financial showing, students and their families keep paying for higher education with certainty that their investments will be compensated. Still, the number of students, ready to plumb down dozens of thousands dollars for one academic year, decreases annually. And all the more young people opt for less expensive establishments or refuse to go to college all together.

Students’ hopes for quality education are also undermined with accreditation issue, which has been hanging thick in the air lately. Being complicated and expensive process, accreditation is “luxury” that only few institutions can afford. No wonder that some colleges go to risk and “buy” accreditation from unauthorized bodies. While a clear-cut law on this issue is being in the works, students should be careful not to fall in a trap of establishments with fake accreditation.

Knowledge assessment is another issue that keeps on the alert all participants of higher education. In increasing frequency educators back away ineffective assessments methods and are looking for the ones that will serve an effective indicator of students’ learning progress in particular and proficiency of the educational establishment in general. The point is that such assessments techniques aren’t that easy to find.

Finally, having gone through a long and hard process of obtaining a degree, students still can’t be sure that their diplomas will be competitive on the modern labor market. Multiple studies show that present-day employees often fail to find workers with skills and knowledge appropriate for a particular position. This points the fact that modern higher education suffers low competency level.

Until higher education issues reach critical emergency, there should be taken some measures. Let’s hope that new year will bring these long-awaited turns for the better.