Online Education Issues

Once technologies have been implemented in education, they put over students and teachers with beneficial opportunities and good performance. However, there are issues that mar the first positive impression of online education tools and even faster especially when distance learning opportunities are excessively used.

Internet only seems to have given more space for interaction, whereas, in fact, this is an illusion, which screens a really vexed problem from reality. Initially worked out to meet students’ individual needs, online education programs can be useful for mastering any knowledge and skills except for social ones. When constantly taking classes at distance, students risk to unlearn working in a team and intercommunicating with a common goal in mind.

This problem triggers a chain reaction with social exclusion being the next challenging point in the agenda. Luckily, there have been one-off events of marginalization, caused by excessive use of online learning tools, though still there are preconditions for inadequate social development within online learning environment. Studies show that modern students spending most of their time either studying or simply spending their leisure at virtual game or communication in a network, are exposed not only to social isolation, but also to serious health disorders like obesity, heart diseases, etc.

In addition, online learning programs have proved to be powerful not in all aspects of the educative process. While obtaining computer skills, students may worsen writing and reading abilities. Even though there is a great number of electronic self-teaching guides, they can’t facilitate appropriate quality management and feedback.

At long last, this is a price issue that shades advantages of online education. Modern equipment that syncs with advanced applications and software is rather expensive and is often beyond average student’s means.

Considering all above said, the active use of online learning tools is an irreversible process that can be only slowed down with equal employment of brick and mortar education.