How to buy on Amazon?

People are buying in the western online stores (e.g. Amazon), it becomes more and more popular. This is due to the advent of the delivery market players with the lowest rates – Now you can get a T-shirt for 7-10 days, paying much cheaper. We decided to find out how best to start discovering the Amazon, how much will have to wait the parcel, what to do if the purchased goods are not lived up to expectations.


What to buy on Amazon?

Shipping with Amazon increases (services). It was about 80% for the third quarter of this year, compared with the II quarter performance, it is compared with assignment writing service.

“The average check, on the contrary, falls. People who order again were satisfied, but they begin to buy more and more small things. Now the structure of deliveries we have a lot of cosmetics, toys, children’s books. A popular category is seasonal products in advance. For example, in September and October is characterized by an increase in the number of orders for winter footwear.

Those who have not yet mastered the site, experts recommend to start with the forums. “In order not to make a lot of” test “accounts, you need to carefully study the specialized forums.

Next, register the account. This will require only e-mail. Registration takes less than one minute. Then tie your account address / delivery address.

Buy easy and return

The delivery rate depends on how many items will go to the US from Amazon to the warehouse express carrier on the load transport lines. As a rule, delivery is less than 14 days. The cost of services in different forms in different ways, but usually – the price for parcel weight plus service fee.

The return is more difficult. … If you have received a product that is not good and appropriate, it is necessary to return and to send it back to the US. This is a significant cost. It is also necessary to meet the repayment period. Usually on Amazon does not exceed 30 days: so – it is not an easy task.

“Bought Amazon goods can be returned by sending it one of the postal services.  As a rule, the money is returned immediately after the seller refund processing.”

Considering the difference in prices in the United States and we usually sell things on the ads on local sites. By purchasing a cheaper, and we still manage to earn.

About the Author: Mick Deker is a journalist. He is from Europe.