Education has been a controversial area since…well, since always. Do we need literacy? Should women be allowed to educate themselves and won’t it interfere with their inclination to obey? Is it necessary to learn several classic languages? Universities or vocational training? Issues changed over the time but they never disappeared.

As of now, the situation in educational area is even more difficult. With development of technology and other advancements, we received a whole new set of tools to imply in teaching and learning, yet haven’t mastered them quite well yet.

Scandinavian countries are as close to ideal education as it gets now – with their decision to bail on homework and a considerable voluntary aspect, as well as higher teachers’ salaries. Schools in the USA represent a unique problem known as student loans that reach impossible heights sometimes, and thus leave fewer possibilities for low-income families to get their children educated. Eastern Europe is another world – educational system there is so corrupted that it might make a competition to the political sphere, while a great deal of people in Asia cannot write their names and don’t consider it necessary. Central and Western Europe work to make their education systems better, but there are multiple pitfalls on their way, such as lack of support for arts majors with an emphasis on technical ones.

In other words, education is an area that raises so many issues that solving them requires joint efforts all over the world. And we are also willing to make our humble contribution.

In this blog we gathered some information about problems of current education and, if possible, offered solutions for them. Primary and special education, moral issues in teaching and learning – we try to address every aspect and scrutinize it with utmost care.

In order not to overflow our useful resource with obsolete information, we consider its contents very carefully and struggle to write only about the most painful issues.

You will not find any second-hand or unreliable information here, as we use only the most respectable sources and opinions of widely known specialists.

Follow our posts to know what is going on in the educational sphere, what problems were encountered by its enthusiasts and how they solved them. With that information, you will be able to make better educational decisions based on facts and experience.

We sincerely hope that our blog will be of the most use for you.